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Home Insurance Advice and Myths

Protect your home- Home insurance Advice !


Name your Valuables on your policy!

This is obvious but make sure belongings are well insured, and never leave valuables lying around. Most general items are covered as genaral contents. However some items are considered valuable.

Any items over 3000 euros may be considered valuable items. TVs and Sofas are not valuable.

Below is list of valuable items that you should be naming on your policy.

• Watches and Jewellery.
• Expensive Carpets and curtains.
• Collections and antiques.

Install an Alarm

Install an alarm which is connected to a security center. We can recommend providers depending on your budget.

Get Someone to check on your property when you are away

It’s advisable to arrange for someone to frequently check your property when it’s left unoccupied. Petty theft from a window left open is a risk so make sure all windows are shut when you leave.

We also recommend turning off utilities when you leave for a long period. The water is a good idea to turn off as if a pipe bursts and no one is in the home for a long period you could come back to a very unpleasent scene!

The electric is not such an issue, but make sure you unload the freezer so you do not come back to gone off food. Of course an alarm needs power so this means the power must be kept on.

Secure access points

Make sure each access point such as windows and doors, have a secure lock with a key. Metal bars or “rejas” in Spain are advisable if you live in a detached home. If you prefer to have an undeterred view, security shutters are an excellent alternative.

If you live in a ground floor apartment it is advisable to have metal bars or shutters.
Of course if you have a high value of contents or jewellery, you may consider an alarm and window protection even in an apartment.


Home Insurance Common questions and advice


Where should I keep my jewellery?

The best place to keep jewellery you are not wearing is in a safe. Low value items of under 6000 euros can be kept outside a safe. But please check this with your insurance broker.

Will I be covered for valuable items with no alarm installed?

We always recommend an Alarm if you have items of value in the home, especially jewellery. However it is possible to have cover for these items with no alarm. The maximum amount does vary between different companies.

Does unoccupancy of home cause problems?

It is always best to put upto 6 months unoccupancy on the policy if it is a second home. During Covid it is also a good idea to have a high number of months since due to lockdown you may not be able to get back to the property.

If the property is your first home usually unoccupancy of up to 30 days is sufficient for most people. There usually is no option for under 30 days.


Home Insurance Myths


When do burglaries happen most ?

You would think on the weekend but according to a study done by AXA, Monday is the day of the week in which more robberies occur. Thieves take advantage of the fact that the owners have left to work.

Family members Medical expenses are covered in case of injury.

Your liability is covered, so, if a guest gets hurt, your responsibility is covered by your home insurance. However, it will not cover you or a family member in case they get injured while at home.

You are covered for accidental damage.

Accidental damage protects against unintentional one-off incidents and is not standard cover- it has to be specifically requested. It is important to check in your policy if it is included.

We provide information to ensure and protect your family, your properties or your business.

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