Commercial quotes for all types and sizes of businesses

We provide businesses of all sizes with a comprehensive range of commercial insurance products in Spain

Insuring your business is in fact the most important investment a owner can make and can be instrumental in protecting a yourself from potential loss caused by unforeseen and unfortunate circumstances.

Types of activities we can quote for are:

  • Restaurant, bars and other hospitality
  • Offices.
  • Hotels.
  • Service and Consulting.
  • Large operations in manufacturing and construction.

We insure difficult to place risk

Discos and bars which have dance floors are considered very high risk and only a limited number of insurers accept this risk. We can advise here the best route for getting cover.

If you have a warehouse based in an industrial estate (poligono) we can offer excellent coverage. Protections are usually required such as an alarm and the value of stock can be an issue for some insurers.

Knowing which company will accept a high level of stock is something we have many years experience in.

Setting up a Real Estate office now not only requires a commercial policy, but the local council ( junta ) also require a professional liability cover and accidents insurance for staff. This is not part of a commercial policy. However we can advise the most cost effective way to go about getting these extra covers

checkKey Covers

  • Theft
  • Property, Stock and Contents damage
  • Public and Employer Liability
  • It is paramount to have a qualified insurance broker with experience to access and identify the risks to your business. We also provide a choice of quotes from insurers, which give the best rate.

check Optional Cover

Employee dishonesty

Employee dishonesty is an options cover which some businesses will benefit from having.

Loss of Profit

Loss of Profit is a optional cover which is very popular. Daily Indemnity for 100 euros to 3000 euros per day. If the business needs to close from no fault of its own then this type of cover will enable the business to continue to pay its staff , rent and other bills.

Deterioration of refrigerated stock

And many more…

What do you have to include in your commercial policy?

Buildings: If you own the building then covering its rebuild value is important. If you are renting your rental contract may require you to cover the building or liability for damage you cause to the build.

IT equipment:  If you have computers or any type of IT installations then you can include cover for these for value as new.

Stock:  Any food stock if you are a restaurant or general stock for your business.

Furniture and machinery: This will include tables, chairs and curtains among other things. Machinery is usually included in this area of cover.

Other extras cover

Product liability: This can be damage your product causes a customer or food poisoning if you are a restaurant.

General liability: Any personal injuries caused to customers while on your premise.

Employee accident (Convenio): This cover is required by law and covers your business against accidents claims from staff

Interruption insurance: If you have road work outside or a water or fire leak, you have to close. You can insure against this eventuality and the insurer will pay a daily rate to cost your base costs such as rent or wages.

Professional Liability coverage: Follow this LINK to get a individual quote


Having a commercial insurance is not only required by law for the liability aspect but is a necessary policy to cover your asset. It is rare we come across clients which do not have something in place. It is however, very common for the policy in place to be inadequate cover or very over priced.

As brokers we can look at your current policy and analyse the insurance market to see which insurer will suit you best, in terms of price and expertise in the industry.


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