Accidents can occur anytime, anywhere. Ensure your future by enrolling in an insurance plan that guarantees your safety. Our accidents insurance complements your medical coverage to help you pay for the expenses. Protect yourself and your family from the unexpected costs in an event of an accident.

It is very important to know exactly what you will be compensated with so you can cover daily bills and loans. We can advise on the best and most affordable accident cover and plans

check Types of cover


24 hour cover

Cover during work or in free time; this is the most comprehensive accident cover available.

Professional cover

This cover has a reduced price and covers you while you at work. This makes sense if you work involves a lot of traveling and some element of risk, such as working in Real Estate which requires many hours behind the wheel of the car

Personal cover

This is cover which excludes cover at work. It only covers you while out of work. This type of cover is excellent if your job has no risk. For example if you work behind a desk all day, but on the week nights and weekends like to do sports, then this is the ideal cover

check Key covers:


ICU confinement

Hospital bills

Broken or fractured body parts


Medical expenses

Transportation/ambulance costs

Daily compensation while in Hospital

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