Bsure Insurance Brokers have a well-respected reputation and work with the best insurance brands to provide comprehensive and competitive cover for all their clients in Spain. The company have many years’ experience dealing in Boat Insurance and know how big an investment a boat is. They understand that the best coverage for a particular boat will provide peace of mind and protect your asset.


What the insurance covers

Boat Insurance covers optional worldwide territorial limits, Boat Saver Policy (an economic option for basic protection), "All risk" Total Protection Yacht Policy (flagship coverage for the best protection) and Liability Coverage for third-party property damage or bodily injury. It also covers Jet Ski and other jet powered recreational craft, Angler Insurance for your Boat and Gear, crew cover, and Travel Insurance.


The advantages of Boat Insurance

There are many advantages to having boat insurance and this includes 24 hour immediate claims service, dock contract liability, full salvage assistance, uninsured boater protection, and transit cover. It also covers most international flags.


Bsure Insurance will make sure your cover provides the safety net for when you need it most.


check Key Covers

Optional worldwide territorial limits

"All risk" Total Protection Yacht Policy– Flagship Coverage for the Best Protection

Boat saver Policy– An Economic Option for Basic Protection

Jet Ski, Sea Doo, or other jet powered recreational craft

Angler Insurance– Coverage for your Boat and Gear

Liability coverage– Provides coverage for third-party property damage or bodily injury

Crew cover and travel insurance

check Advantages

24 hour immediate claims service

Dock contract liability

Full salvage assistance

Uninsured boater protection

Transit cover available

Covering most international flags

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