Bsure Insurance Brokers have a well-respected reputation and work with the best companies to provide comprehensive and competitive cover for all their clients in Spain. The company have many years’ experience dealing in Boat Insurance and know how big the investment is.

We understand that the best coverage will provide peace of mind and protect your asset.


What are the 3 levels of Boat insurance cover

The coverage can be locally insured or on an optional worldwide territorial basis.

  1. We have a Saver Policy which is an economic option for basic protection and coverage for low value hulls or older vessels.
  2. “All risk” Total Protection Yacht Policy. This is flagship coverage for the best protection.
  3. Liability Coverage for third-party property damage or bodily injury. Prices usually start at under 150 euros for a basic policy and increase slightly for larger vessels

Stand alone Jet Ski policy and other jet powered recreational craft, Angler cover for your hull and Gear, crew cover, and Travel coverage.


The advantages of Boat cover

There are many advantages to having your boat insured and this includes 24 hour immediate claims service, hull coverage, dock contract liability, full salvage assistance, uninsured boater protection, and transit cover. We also cover most international flags.

Bsure will make sure your cover provides the safety net for when you need it most.

check Key Covers

    • Optional worldwide territorial limits.
    • Best Protection “All Risk” Total Protection Yacht Policy Flagship.
    • Basic Protection Saver Policy– An Economic Option.
    • Liability coverage– Cover for third-party property damage or bodily injury.
    • Jet Ski and Angler cover.
    • Coverage for your Gear and Crew cover.

check Advantages

  • 24 hour immediate claims service and Full salvage assistance.
  • Dock contract liability and Uninsured boater protection.
  • Transit cover available, Covering most international flags.
  • Personal injuries to passengers.

Common questions

  • Can I insure a SSR vessels which is UK registered with a Brisith Flag in Spain?

Yes we can insure British boats in Spain.

  • Can I insure the vessel for its market value ?

 Yes it is posible to state the actual value in the conitions.

  • What is Voluntary public liability insurance?

There is an optional extra to cover increased liability for skiers and includes coevr for material damage and personal injuries.

  • What is the scope of marine assistance or breakdown coverage?

 You can cover the coastal areas or increase cover to certain seas or oceans on request under the extension of navigation area gaurantee.

  • What level of cover is there for personal injuries to captain and passengers?

The minimum level of coverage for General (civil) Libaility in Spain is 336,566.78 euros.

  • If there is a leak on the vessel is the damage caused covered ? 

Yes as an optional extra you can include Pollution hazard gaurantee that covers the damage casued to the surrounding area by the polution.


It is of course obligatory to have basic general (civil) liability marine coverage and all ports require proof of this type of insurance to allow you to dock.

Boats are considered recreational vehicles and so are not used on a daily basis. This means the premium to cover the hull is not expensive when compared to equivilantly priced motor vehicle insurance.

We always recommend considering insuring the hull for damage as although risks are low, there is always potential for fire damage or wind damage. I recommend any vessel over 10000 euros should be insured for hull damage.

Prices do vary widely from company to company so we do recommend using a broker to source at least 3 quotes from diferent companies so you can compare each.

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