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As brokers, we do the hard work for you when it comes to getting the best motor insurance policy. We source the best car insurance quotes and are in a position to offer the best cover at the most affordable price. Whether you are looking for Fully Comprehensive or Third Party Fire and Theft quotes, by using a broker you are guaranteed excellent cover for the best price.

Premiums will not increase for own fault claims

A key advantage is we can offer the option of premium protection. This means if you have an accident and it is “own fault”, i.e. you caused the accident, your following years premium will not increase.

Key Cover included in the car insurance policy

Fully Comprehensive Motor cover or Third Party Fire and Theft.

The breakdown is European wide. We can include Morocco on request.

All policies can have a Green card issued on request with no charge.

The Replacement vehicle is included in standard for up to 35 days.

Windscreen and Glass cover fully included and both will have no excess applied. There is also a call-out service so a van will do the installation at your home if you prefer.

Public Liability for passengers and Third Parties in addition to Personal Accident cover.

Health care assistance in case of accidents and Full Legal Defence as standard.

Advantages of the car insurance policy

The repairs can be done in a garage of your choice. The parts which are used for the repair are New for old.

We can quote for young drivers. This is especially important as it can be difficult to insure drivers under 25 years of age.

The coverage includes automatic cover for motor accessories. This is things such as leather seats and sound system among many other accessories.

Breakdown cover

Towing for the vehicle from km “0” (your residence). This is especially important as a flat battery can happen to anyone. In addition, the tow has no limits away from the home. That is to say the towing is European wide

Hotel expenses and taxi expenses can be covered will you are broken down.

Transportation or repatriation of the insured and passengers. Again this is Europe wide cover.

Transportation of the insured to pick up the repaired vehicle. In the event you can not say with the vehicle to be repaired the insurer will pay for you to return to the garage where the vehicle is being repaired for collection.

Sending a professional chauffeur. If it is not possible to collect the vehicle once repaired then the insurer will pay for a driver to bring the vehicle back to your home address.

Sending replacement parts. This will happen if the parts can not be sourced directly from the repair garage. The insurer will then pay for the transportation of the parts to the garage.

Obtaining and sending copies of keys.

What you need to do after an Accident Click HERE

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The types of motor vehicles we insure are

Cars or 4×4.

Spanish, UK and Gibraltarian plated vehicles.

Temporary P plated vehicles in Spain. In addition to this we can cover a car with a number plate from any country in the world, aside from the 3 countries previously mentioned. For example a French or German plated car car be insured by us on a temporary basis, with the only condition that the vehicle is in the process of being change to Spanish plates.

Camper van.

Classic cars.

Commercial vehicles with no limit as to the size of the van.

Motorbikes of small and large cylinder size.

Golf buggies.

Trailer cover, including horse trailer.

Under 25 year old drivers (young drivers).

Cover when Breakdown happens included in the policy

European Breakdown – Repatriation – Taxi cover

Possibility to send a driver    –   Courtesy car

Benefits of using an insurance broker for your car insurance

If you have a claim and are not happy with the insurer for any reason, we as brokers can find alternative options for the renewal. We are not tied down to one company as most exclusive agents are.

Bsure insurance Brokers

We have a list of many excellent motor insurance providers that we trust and have a relationship with. Having 30 years experience in the car insurance sector we are well        placed to give you the best deal.

In addition to being able to source better deals each year we are able to cover any type of vehicle. We have insurers who prefer luxury cars and others who will prefer low engine size vehicle. This is important as you may have a luxury vehicle with one company and a smaller second vehicle with another insurance company. Being with a broker will enable you to have this set up but will allow you one point of contact for all the insurance policies you have.


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