We provide a Bespoke Service by assessing your Home Insurance providing recommendations on what cover you should have specified and the correct coverage.

We have been established in the Insurance Market for over 28 years and provide a personal and friendly service.

We work with a number of companies that provide three types of policy:

Holiday home: Coverage for homes which have high or low contents values we can offer excellent discount for secondary homes.

Rental homes: Weather the property is a apartment, townhouse or house, if it is rented long or short term we can quote.

Full time or part time residence: You live in the property for part or most of the year, you will want a policy which full covers you for any eventuality.

All Risk items: High value jewellery or watches, antiques or collections will require a special policy and we can look into all the options

Covering the Build

With home insurance, in many instances the building may be over or under insured. In the event of a claim, being under insured can negatively affect the compensation you will receive. Although over insuring the building will not affect a claim, it will most likely mean you are paying more for your annual premium.
The correct way is to have the build value based on the reconstruction value and we, as experienced brokers, will be able to advise on this. Other items which come under build are locks and air conditioning units. Anything which is fixed to the structure will be considered part of building.

Covering the Contents

Covering the contents in Spain is slightly different to other countries in Europe. The main difference is that the Kitchen and Bathroom fixtures are considered contents and not build. With the cost of an expensive kitchen this will have a large affect on the value of contents.

Again we will be able to guide you through the conditions. Garden furniture will be covered under a policy for a fixed amount. If you have a high value of garden furniture then you can increase the value within a clause in the policy.

Public Liability

The third principal cover of home insurance is liability cover. This is the least understood cover. Understanding your liability and making sure you are protected in the event of damage that your property may cause to other properties or individuals will give you peace of mind.
A simple example whereby properties are under protected in relation to liability cover is where a contents policy is issued for an apartment, excluding cover for build. By not covering the building or a percentage of it, any damage from your property to another (by example water leaking) will be excluded under the contents only policy. Your community insurance will not cover this either. The only way to have cover in these circumstances is by having a level of buildings.


Simply stating that your property is rented will cover you if your tenant causes a claim. Your home policy may cover the tenants belongings and will have a limited amount of cover in this regard. It is highly recommended that people who rent your property think of taking out their own contents policy and importantly state that they are renting the property they live in.

Legal defence is a cover you can take out against your tenants not paying their rent. The cover costs the legal costs of taking the tenant to court. This type of cover is only available to tenants which have sign a “Long Term” rental contract.

checkKey Cover

Buildings and Contents including Valuable objects cover.

Retaining walls and solar panels.

Smoke, Vandalism and Flooding.

Garden furniture & plants.

Liability for rentals and public, accidental injury as well as dangerous dog cover.

Personal possessions worldwide.

Mugging outside the home.

Cash in safe.

Excess water consumption cover and total reconstruction of garden cover.

Breakage of glass, mirrors, granite tops, ceramic hobs.


Home assistance, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, with just a simple telephone call.

Your goods will be insured on a “value as new” basis.

Extension to the limit of Public Liability: increased up to €1,000,000.

Discounts for security measures. Such as a connected Alarm.

Valuations of antiques and jewellery in your home at no cost.

Risk inspection can be carried out by a Surveyor appointed by the Insurer.

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