Legal Insurance in Spain

Bsure Insurance Brokers offer insurance that covers for the expense of your legal defence. Insurance plans will pay for the legal costs acquired defending your rights. You can fully customise the coverage of your insurance plans to cater to your needs.

check Key Covers

Cost of retaining an attorney

Costs of filing necessary papers

Court costs

Costs during investigation of the case

Lost salary or wages

The 3 most essential plans that we would advise having are:

  1. Legal cover for Motor vehicles and being notified for traffic fines.
  2. Legal cover for your family and home, and work matters
  3. Cover when renting your home.


1. Legal cover for your Vehicle: Auto Basic Plus


It is important to have a independent legal policy for your vehicles that covers all eventualities that can happen when driving or repair work.

Legal cover provided by the insurance policy that the car will have is very good on its own. However, the policy will put the insurance company first and the policyholder second.

An added benefit of the policy is that traffic fines and speeding fines will be sent to you by email and text message. This is very good cover if you live part of the year away from the property. .

Cover includes: 

➢ Notification and help with Traffic fines

➢ Cover resulting from traffic accidents

➢ Legal cover for the offence of failure to give aid

➢ Legal defense for reckless driving or driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs or narcotics, although no traffic accident took place.

➢ Cover for damage produced by any objects or merchandise being transported

➢ Cover for minor children of the Policy Holder

➢ For non-traffic related incidents

➢ Second opinion by assessors

Optional cover

Legal cover against garages for defective work carried out on the vehicle and cover for vehicles purchased

2. Legal cover for Family, Home and Work matters: 



Living in a country where you do not speak the native language comes with complications. Doing the weekly shopping at the super market will not give most people problems. However, legal letters received through the post will likely cause stress and worry. Having a policy in place that will cover the whole family for any legal issues will give much needed peace of mind.

LEGAL Assistance for the FAMILY UNIT, providing cover in the following areas:


➢ NON-MOTORISED VEHICLES, whether they be land, air or sea and always of private use.




3. Legal cover for Property Rentals

When renting a property out there are many potential issues that will inevitably arise. It makes sense to have advise at hand when these problems come up. An extra cover which can be essential is cover for non payment of rent by tenants. All in all this type of policy is very useful and highly recommended.

Cover includes:

➢ Rental contract defense and claims

➢ Loss of rental income due to fire, lightning or explosion

➢ Non-payment of the rent up to 4000 euros per month

➢ Vandalised property and contents

➢ Protection from criminal liability

➢ Claims on repair and maintenance contracts

➢ Claims for damages outside the rental contract

➢ Defense of your property rights

➢ Defence against other insurance policies

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