Pet Insurance for Dogs and Cats

There are numerous insurers on the market that offer Pet insurance in Spain, however, the cover is of utmost importance and having a broker who understands all the options is key.
When deciding on a pet insurance plan the first thing to look at is if there is an excess. We recommend no excess. The reason is medical costs on average are a fraction of bills we would have. No excess means you do not have to worry when having any costs related to vet bills.

checkKey covers

100% cover in concerted clinics and clinics of your choice

Unlimited cover if bills are due to an accident. “No Excess” in any clinic you choose

The cover is World Wide

checkPet insurance Advantages

Dog and Cat Veterinary assistance due to an accident: choose whichever veterinarian you like with no excess or limits.

Accidental death: cover for all expenses to help you through this difficult process. Expenses for euthanasia and disposal of remains, burial or cremation expenses.

Theft: a special cover for trying times,

Loss: funds to help find your pet. Expenses for finding the animal and accommodation expenses until Pet is located.

Stay at a kennel/cattery due to hospitalisation of owner:

Telephone assistance: Information and Roadside Assistance, 24-hour Legal Counsel, Legal Assistance and Advice.


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