Funeral Insurance plan that covers burial and repatriation service. Whatever your nationality, we can find a policy which suit you and your family.

Cover includes option to pay a once only fee or an annual or monthly rate. The cost of the plan will depend on your date of birth and any medical preconditions that you may have.

Choosing which type of plan will affect the cost. A monthly or yearly option wil be the most cost affective.

A one off fee on the other hand will be a large investment but will give peace of mind long term. If you are over a certain age then usually the one payment option starts to make more sense due to the annual cost being higher.

Plans we offer are backed by the Spanish Financial Authorities

The plans that we offer are all regulated by the DGSFP which is the financial authorities in Spain. Therefore any funds you invest in the plan will never be lost as it has the backing of the authorities.

There are optional extras such as if to include repatriation to your home country and extra cover for legal fees.

Rising costs in last 10 years

According to Sunlife the cost of dying has risne by 39% in the last 10 years. 1 in 4 people are surpised by certain funeral csots. This is mainly due to rising costs in optional extras such as the send-off and professional fees.

The send-off

The send-off is included in a plan and makes the time more personal to the deceased,

funeral insurance plan

their family and friends. This includes special flowers and the wake.

During the emotional period of arranging travel and contacting the people to attend, having a contact to speak to about the send-off will make the whole process that much easier.

Key Funeral Insurance Plan Cover

Funeral Expenses.

Mortuary expenses to allow family to travel.

All advice on certification, registration and documentation.

Hearse and Church costs.

All arrangements included.

All Directors services.

Plan Advantages

Travel assistance.

Advice helpline.

Emergency medical cover.

Plus a 24-hour help line.

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What is included in the Funeral Insurance Plan

Once you need the service there is guarantee that, after one phone call, all stepsrequired for burial will be handled and burial costs will be paid in full.

Conveyance of the deceased to the funeral home. If this is negociated at the time it can be a costly as it may be a few days till relatives can arrive and plans made. By having this pre paid and oranised by the insurer there is no need to worry about how fast eveything has to be in place.

Flowers, service, priest and attendant staff.

Cremation fees, urn and certificate.

Cover for if you die while on holiday

Repatriation of the deceased is included as as standard cover if you die abroad. Many people think there private health policy includes this, but in the event of death this cover ceases.

During these times where Covid is prevelant we recommend that if you are travel to foriegn countries to take out a Travel Insurance policy. This will cover hospital costs that may occur.

Extra assistance included

Travel assistance- This includes flight costs and a companion to travel too.

Plus a 24-hour help line in English. Due to relatives potentially not living in Spain it will be very reassuring for them to be able to speak in their native language about the details of the burial administration and ceremony. Including time frames and location among many other questions that may need to be answered.

Optional Repatriation Service to home country or nationally. This is a big consideration as the cost involved in this service can be expensive.

We are always available to help with any emergencies and help with the process.

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