Pensions and Savings plans

checkSaving plans

We offer a wide range of Savings plans to suit your needs. Whether you want a low risk savings plan which is 100% guaranteed or a higher risk plan with better potential we can advice and update you of the plans progress through its life.

checkPension plans

We offer a wide variety of pension plans that have excellent rates of return. There are plans, which cannot be taken out until you have retired and there are other plans that can be taken out early.

If you want to switch your plan from one company to another we can also advice on the best course of action.

checkInvestment plans

As insurance brokers we work with a wide variety of insurers who offer investment plans. The plans are flexible and you are in a position to diversify the plan in different funds. You may want to have 50% of the investment in low risk national market in the IBEX. You may want the other 50% in international markets at a higher risk level. We will be able to set up a plan for you and you will have access to the progress every 2 days online.

Whether you are looking to invest a small sum or a larger sum we are available to advise on which are the best insurers with the no penalties when exiting.


By using a broker, you have flexibility and control over your plan

We can analyse your lifestyle and carry out a risk assessment allowing us to provide the appropriate recommendations of plans for your current life situation

Most importantly all documents will be provided in English and therefore you can read the small print and general conditions



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