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ITV in Spain – MOT equivalent in the UK

A common question we receive is “what is an MOT equivalent in Spain”?

Outlined below is everything you need to know about the Spanish MOT, which is called ITV (inspección técnica de vehículos)

If a car is over four years old it will be necessary to have the vehicle undertake a safety test known as an ITV in Spain (similar to an MOT in the UK)

This must be undertaken every two years once the vehicle is over four years old

After 10 years the test is done annually

The vehicle must be taken to a testing station where a series of checks will be made to ensure the car meets the safety standards required to use the roads in Spain. Many garages will, for a fee, check your vehicle over and even take it to the testing station for you.

Vehicles are MOT / ITV inspected on the following items:

  • tyre tread
  • lights
  • emissions
  • shock absorbers
  • steering
  • seat belts
  • brakes
  • wheel alignment
  • lighting

You can locate your nearest ITV center on the following link:

Failures under the test will be listed on a separate sheet and you will be allowed 15 days in which to get the faults repaired and have a re-test.

ITV is needed for the following vehicles after a certain period:

Motorcycles at ITV

Up to five years old – exempt
Over five years – every two years

Caravans at ITV

Up to six years – exempt
Over six years – every two years

If you are caught without a current ITV sticker (issued when the test is passed), your license could be confiscated until you produce proof of passing the ITV (within 10 days of confiscation).

You would also liable for a fine of 100 euros

Towing a trailer in Spain at ITV

According to Spanish law, you can tow a trailer in Spain subject to certain rules. Your vehicle tow bar is inspected as part of your ITV (MOT). The trailer does not require it’s own registration number but must display the plate of the towing vehicle. You need to produce a fitting certificate. There is no charge for the inspection on top of your ITV fees.

Your local mechanic in Marbella:

Chris at “Chris Cars Calahonda” is always available to take cars for their ITV test. He checks the car before going all the way to the ITV, and if there is anything wrong with car and for some reason the car does not pass the test, he will fix what is needed.

Chris Cars Calahonda

Auto Repair Shop

Calle Alhamar, Km 196.5, 29650 Calahonda, Málaga, Spain

Hours: 9AM–6PM
+34 952 93 05 13
Once the ITV is passed you will be issued with a certificate, the original of which must be kept in your vehicle in case the police stop you and wish to inspect it.

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