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Rules in Spain for Motor Vehicle

Where must you keep documents in motor vehicle

You must keep your original driving license on you when you are driving your car in Spain as well as the original ownership documents, ITV certificate, insurance policy and insurance premium receipt.

If you do not have the current receipt of the policy in the vehicle, the Guardia Civil and local Police now use the “FIVA” Insured Vehicle Computer Database to check if your vehicle is insured.

We would recommend you take copies of all documentation to keep at home but ensure the originals are in the car whilst using it.

Safety in motor vehicle

You must wear seat belts in the front of the car at all times. Seat belts must be worn in the back seats as well.

It is also a legal requirement to carry two warning triangles in the vehicle in case you breakdown, as well as a fluorescent jacket which must be reachable from inside the vehicle.

Children under 12 years of age are not permitted to sit in the front seats.


Mandatory items to keep in vehicle

It is mandatory to keep the following equipment in your vehicle:

– Two red warning triangles officially approved by the Internal Ministry (Ministerio de Interior)
– Spare tyre and tools necessary to replace it.
– A fluorescent jacket which you must be able to put on before leaving the car

Helmets are compulsory on all bikes in Spain at all times.


What licenses are recognized in Spain

All EU driving licenses are recognised. If you are European Union citizen then you may drive in Spain using your existing license.


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