Tips to hold and increase value of your vehicle

Tips to “hold and increase” the value of your vehicle

Tips to “hold and increase” the value of your vehicle

1. Protect your vehicle from Damage

Keeping your correct mirror positions may just save a scrap against a pole or wall. However there are preventative measures you can take to avoid these unpleasant occurrences. Examples of DIY measure include the following:
– Install lights that come on as you park in your drive way. This method is very simple and as well as protecting your vehicle it will also enable you to see where you’re going as you get out.
– Another very simple method is to fix a foam pad against the wall where you leave the driver and passenger side. This will protect the door and against that sinking feel of hearing your door being damaged!

2. Do less Kilometers

This may be easier said than done. However those long weekend trips to the country or cross country road trips put heavy mileage on your car. This will not only wear out tyres and brakes but if you do enough miles then the re-sale value of your car will be greatly affected. Spain has a great train service and flights these days cost a fraction of what they used to. Also by leaving your car at home during busy traffic periods in the summer holidays will mean you are at no risk of having a motor accident.

3. Upgrade Your Car’s Hardware, Inside and Out

Measures such as installing a USB power outlet and auxiliary jack for music are great ways to increase your satisfaction while driving and also make the vehicle more attractive when selling on. Another way to add value and convenience while using your car is to install automatic lights in the foot wells. This may seem a small point but this upgrade is useful and very cost effective to implement. Of course some measures such as doing changes to the music system will be very expensive and may not increase the second value of your vehicle.

4. Repair and Maintain Your Car without a Mechanic


This can be a very good way to save money. For example replacing window wipers, drive belts, batteries and brake pads can all be done by one’s self easily. Of course a service history is very important so these annual checks are best done at reputable centres that can stamp your maintenance book. However replacing a battery at a branded repair center will cost nearly double the cost of doing this yourself or getting your general repair garage or mechanic to carry out.

5. Integrate Your Gadgets


Older vehicles will always lack the more modern computers new cars now come with. However adding a phone gadget such as the “parrot” system to your car can now be done for under 150 euros. Bluetooth integration will be much more costly. To do this you may need to change the music system, which usually damages the look of the dash board. Any changes you should always make sure to keep cables well hidden.

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