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Top Reasons Car is Not Driving Smoothly

Top Reasons Car is Not Driving Smoothly

Are you having excessive rumbling, bouncing, shaking, swaying, rocking, or other feelings while either moving or stopping in your car? If the answer is yes, it will be a good idea for you to look at the below issues and solutions.


  1. Tire issues: This is first port of call when having a bad ride. You will need to check the tire alignment and air pressure. Also tires which may appear in good condition on outside may have degraded on the inside.

Other things to check are making sure the nuts are fully tightened.

Uneven wear and tear on the front tires may mean the alignment if odd.

  1. Suspension repair: The suspension is what keeps your tires in contact with the road. If you do not have your suspension working then the handling of the vehicle will be very poor. The vehicle may lean to one side or give out when you go over a bump or stop suddenly.

If your vehicle uses leaf spring, one or more may be damaged. The suspensions’ shock absorbers may be broken or damaged. Over time, the coil springs tend to lose tension. Your sway bar, ball joints, or any number of rods may also be the issue but typically these are inexpensive to fix


  1. Transmission Repair: This is a scary problem when it comes to a repair to your transmission. The cost of repair can be in the thousands of euros. As soon as you slip out of gear in the vehicle is when you should get this checked. If you wait too long after the problem begins then the gear will chip and a repair will be harder.

Another factor may simply be your transmission’s fluid. If it is low or dirty, you may notice your transmission acting funny or overheating. If the oil is low, be sure to check and make sure there are no leaks occurring. If the oil is dirty, scan the old oil and see if you find any particulate matter inside of it, especially metal. This may hint toward your gears being damaged.

Finally, and the only problem you should actually hope for, your vehicle may simply be too cold to drive. If you notice your transmission is having a difficult time getting into gear, out of gear, or makes any number of odd noises, and it’s deathly cold outside, you should probably let your vehicle warm up.

  1. Brake Repair: Brakes become over used if you do downward driving. Give away signs of worn brakes are squeaking or the driving wheel shaking as you brake. Changing the disks which do get worn is relatively inexpensive and the pads are inexpensive to replace so the pads should be replaced on a regular basis over the vehicles life.

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