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What extras do Home insurance policies cover in Spain

Home insurance Extras

You may not be aware but your home insurance covers a multitude of things which you may not be aware of.

Below are just a few of the “extras” your policy may cover:


Any losses sustained by the insured as a consequence of a mugging committed by third parties on a public roadway or in locations other than the primary residence are covered.

The scope of the cover is limited to the European Union and Switzerland, provided that the insured has a fixed address in Spain.

This cover also applies to the property, objects and cash that belong to domestic employees or which belong to the insured and have been temporarily entrusted to said employees so that they can carry out work for the insured during working hours.

Any costs incurred in the replacement of stolen official documents are also covered.

Fraudulent use of credit cards

Economic losses are covered when they arise from the fraudulent use by third parties of credit or store cards owned by the insured or by other

persons over the age of 18 who are also construed as insured and have been the victims of theft with violence, mugging or who have lost said


The cover is limited to the fraudulent use of credit or store cards during the 48 hours preceding or following the time at which the offence is reported

to the competent authority. The insured must notify the issuer of the cards and request that they be cancelled.



– A rise in the temperature of the refrigerator or freezer as a result of the malfunction thereof.

– The accidental leakage of coolant liquids or gases.

– Failures in the electricity supply lasting for more than certain amount of  hours.

Home insurance includes a DIY service, which consists of the following activities:

This cover is a free service, 3 hours’ worth,  where a repair man comes to your home and fixes or installs items, such as below.

– Installation of bathroom and kitchen fixtures.

– Substitution of cistern mechanism (a part of or the whole mechanism due to breakage) when it is easily accessible and does not require making a hole.

– Sealing worn joints in baths, showers, toilets and sinks. – Replacing taps or installing new ones where there is a connection point.

– Repair of taps/faucets with no damage

– only repair, not replacement (unless the insured has a replacement tap already, in which case labour shall be provided)

– Repair or replacement of the rubber around appliance inlets and drains.

– Repair of leaks from radiators with no damage

– just repair, no replacement.

– Blocked pipes that do not cause damage (excludes drain cleaning truck). The insured is covered for up to two hours of manual unblocking with drain unblocking wire or through a pressure washer. – Installing or replacing lamps and lights at lighting sources. – Assembling flat-pack furniture, putting up shelves.

– Hanging curtains and clothes lines.

– Shutter adjustment (adjustment only) includes a replacement cord.

– Occasional shutter repair (does not include slat repair or door shutters).

– Putting up paintings, mirrors, or decorative figures on walls. – Replacing plugs or light switches (without changing location).

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