February 9


Types of Funeral Plans and Cost

February 9, 2023

Thinking about ones burial is not on many peoples list of priorities, but is something that should be taken seriously.


A Burial Plan Provides Peace of Mind


The main reason why a burial or funeral plan should be looked into is the increased cost of it in recent times. Having a plan in place will give you peace of mind that the cost of burial and all it entails is covered, so your family will not have any extra worry in the event of your death.


If you were to purchase the service at the time the cost could be three times what it would normally cost if paid upfront or if you had an instalment plan in place.


Flexible payment options


Many plans are one off payments which makes sense to get the best deal and have it all arranged. There are also plans that can be paid monthly or on an annual basis.


Splitting the cost into instalments will of-course make the plan more affordable and is a valid option.


Types of Funeral Plans and Cost

What is the cost of a Funeral Plan?


A one off payment plan will cost anywhere from 2000 to 4000 euros depending on your age and level of cover required.


If you choose an instalment plan, monthly rates could be under 10 euros.


The best advice is to contact a broker that will provide various options for you to consider from a variety of insurance companies.


Types of Instalment Burial Plans

Most plans for people under 70 year old are what are called variable plans, which do go up each year in price but are less expensive.


For people over 70 years old a fixed plan/rate is advisable. These plans are more expensive but will have a much lower annual increase.


Your broker will be able to tell you which is the best option for you at the time. They will also be able to switch you to a different type of plan if you reach 70 years old and the variable rate becomes too expensive.


You must be a resident in Spain to buy a Burial Plan from a Spanish Insurer.


The policy covers any family or individual with residence in Spain. Offering a guaranteed quality service and with coverage that adapts to the needs of each of the insured.


If your home country is not Spain but another country you can opt to include repatriation to your country of origin. The cost of this extra is minimal compared to buying this service at the time of death.


What Services are including in a Burial plan?


  • A funeral service will be provided and adapted to the uses and customs of the town of residence, in addition to ensuring the procedures are met before public entities.
  • Legal advice will be provided related to the death.
  • National and international transfers are guaranteed within the coverage.
  • Abroad, for trips of up to 90 days, the repatriation back to Spain is covered.
  • Possibility of preparation of a will.
  • Family policy, up to 8 insured persons can be included.
  • At the time of death, a simple telephone call will offer a service for the family in addition to psychological assistance, if needed.
  • Possibility of including optional coverages throughout the life of the policy as new needs arise.
  • Assistance phone in case of death with attention in languages: Spanish, English and German 24 hours a day. 
  • Flexibility in payment, with the option to choose different forms of payment (monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, annual).
  • Travel assistance due to serious illness or accidents.
  • In Spain, the transfer by ambulance is covered if it is more than 30 km away from the home.
  • Also included is interpreter, emergency medical expenses and assistance to minors.


What are the requirements to buy the burial plan?


Country of residence must be Spain

No Minimum Contracting Age

No Maximum Contracting age (Over 70’s must be referred into the insurer)

Contract period is Annual renewable


In summary although not an essential insurance traditionally for expats in Spain, I think you would agree the extended cover and flexible payment options make a Funeral insurance policy a serious consideration for you and your family. 

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