Commercial Insurance in Spain

We quote for all types of commercial insurance in Spain, including all sizes of businesses.

Insuring your business is in fact the most important investment a owner can make and can be instrumental in protecting yourself from potential loss caused by unforeseen circumstances.

Great Rates and Cover in Spain for Commercial Insurance in Spain


Key Commerical Insurance cover

Optional Cover


Types of activities we can quote for are

  • Restaurant, bars and other hospitality
  • Offices
  • Hotels
  • Service and Consulting
  • Large operations in manufacturing and construction.

Extremely courteous staff continue to be of service when we needed insurance

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commercial insurance in spain


What do you have to include in your commercial policy?

What are other extras cover?

Can I insure high risk business?

Is commericial Insurance obligatory?

Benefits of using a broker for your Commercial Insurance in Spain

  • Options

  • We Analyse your Current Policy

Wide range of Insurers available

We have a list of many excellent insurance providers that we trust and have a relationship with.

Having 30 years experience in the commercial insurance sector we are well placed to give you the best deal.

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