Funeral Insurance in Spain

We offer excellent Funeral Insurance plans that covers burial and repatriation service. Whatever your nationality, we can find a policy which suit you and your family.

Cover includes option to pay a once only fee or an annual or monthly rate. The cost of the plan will depend on your date of birth and any medical preconditions that you may have.

Choosing which type of plan will affect the cost. A monthly or yearly option wil be the most cost affective.

A one off fee on the other hand will be a large investment but will give peace of mind long term. If you are over a certain age then usually the one payment option starts to make more sense due to the annual cost being higher.


What is included in the Funeral Insurance Plan

Key Funeral Insurance Plan Cover

Optional Extras


24 hr Help and Assistance

Plans we recommend always provide a 24-hour help line in English.

Due to relatives potentially living outside of Spain it will be very reassuring for them to be able to speak in their native language about the details of the burial administration and ceremony with us the broker, and Insurance provider at the stressful time. 

We as brokers are always available to discuss the arrangements, including time frames and location among many other questions that may need to be answered.

Extremely courteous staff continue to be of service when we needed insurance

Murray McClellan

funeral insurance in spain


The send off?

Are funeral costs rising?

Benefits of using a broker for your Funeral Plan

  • Options

  • We Help the process

Wide Range of Insurers available

We have a list of many excellent insurance providers that we trust and have a relationship with.


Having 30 years experience in the insurance sector we are well placed to give you the best deal.

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