Mortgage Protection In Spain

Keep your family safe from worries by having a Mortgage Insurance Plan. This insurance pays for your mortgage in case of an event, such as death or disability.

Great Rates and Cover in Spain

Why choose a Mortgage Protection Plan?

Stay ahead of troubles and secure a stable lifestyle. Your future looks brighter if you feel confident with your choices and decisions today. If you were to die, would you be 100% certain your family’s financial security would be preserved?

The right Mortgage protection Insurance policy can help you answer all of these questions confidently and give you peace of mind.

What is mortgage protection?

Mortgage protection is in affect a life insurance that states that your bank is the first beneficiary in the event of your death. The life insurance amount covers the mortgage. Any surplus will go to your beneficiaries.


Annual Renewable coverage

Life Insurance for Mortgage 

LIFE (Mortgage) QUOTE 

Advantages of Life cover

  • Life insurance covering death by any cause 
  • Mortgage is fully paid leaving your family in a safe position financially. 
  • Disability permanent or temporary cover

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 Do I need to take a medical ?

 What is required to cash a policy?

Are there any benefits to this life insurance compared to normal life plan?

Is it cheaper to take a Mortage life protection plan through a Insurance Broker rather than a bank?

Benefits of using a broker for your Life insurance

  • Options

  • Easy Amendments

Wide Range of Insurers available 

We have a list of many excellent insurance providers that we trust and have a relationship with.


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