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What is Professional Liability Insurance?

Professional liability insurance covers your liability in case of negligence by staff and Directors of your business against customers. This type of insurance can also be called professional indemnity insurance.

If you have a business you will likely have a commercial policy in place to cover your contents and liability for customers while they are on your premise. It may be possible to include professional liability cover in this policy, but there are cases where this is not possible and a separate policy will be required.


Reasons you should have Professional Liability Insurance

 Specific Cover

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We can Insure Professional Liability World wide 

A key advantage is we can offer national cover in Spain as well as coverage for your clients based outside of Spain,including USA. 

Extremely courteous staff continue to be of service when we needed car insurance

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Is the cover obligatory?

What types of professional should have the policy?

What other Types of Liability Insurance are there?

benefits of professional liability

Do I need Professional Liability cover? 

New businesses often ask the question if the cover is not obligatory should I take out a policy and what are the benefits.

Even older businesses can ask this question. Costs of running a business are always going up and do not tend to decrease, so it is sensible to cut costs where you can.

However, we have seen even big corporate companies come unstuck by not having sufficient cover in event of a law suit which they lose. Staff have ever increasing working rights and so it is not only customers that businesses have to be careful of.

Liability insurance does not have to be very expensive. 
As brokers we can look at the risk you have, since a coffee shop will not have the same risk as a construction company for example. 

By contacting a qualified professional you will also be assured of having a policy which is not limited. For example some customers require coverage for work carried out after they leave a clients premises. This type of cover is called a guarantee of work and does cost extra but at least you and your broker can assess the cost and come to a decision whether it is worth including.

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Benefits of our Service
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  • Insure hard to place risk

Claims and our service

If you have a claim and are not happy with the insurer for any reason, we as brokers can find alternative options for the renewal. We are not tied down to one company.

We have a dedicated claims handler and they will always put you first. 

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