How to make a claim

Please call us with any questions regarding an accident or claim you have had. We are here for you and for any enquiries you may have regarding a potential claim or to help process an existing claim.

Claims Info FORM


Acknowledge a Reported Claim: Within 1 business day. After you report a claim, we’ll email you a reference number and emergency contact details in case your claim requires urgent handling.

Representative Assigned: Within 1 business days we assign a specialized claims professional to your claim and will contact you within 2 business days to hear about your situation, explain next steps and answer questions.

Coverage Validated: Within 5-10 business days. Your claims representative will work with you to understand the basis of your claim and obtain the necessary information to validate coverage.

Decision Made: Within 10-20 business days. Your claims representative will contact you with a decision and next steps after validating your coverage.


Most common claims and actions to take 

 Motor Claim

Please fill in an accident form and all parties involved should sign the form

If no form has been filled in, please get witness statements or the contact details of the other party involved in the accident


Health claim

Please contact our office by phone or email and will contact you immediately to advice on the process for authorisations or emergency options.

On the back of your health card emergency numbers are present for Spain and Abroad.


Home claim

If there has been a robbery please report the circumstances to the local police department and a report has to be filled in at their police station

Any other claim please contact our office and will advise whether an assessor or assistance service should be sent out


Other claims

If you have a commercial, life, pet, accident or any other insurance claim please contact us and we will set up a claim file and begin the process.

Extremely courteous staff continue to be of service when we needed car insurance

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