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How to Make a Home Insurance Claim

January 14, 2023

If you need to make a Home Insurance claim it can be dificult to know the first steps, options and how to start the process. 

Various Options available to you on How to make a Home Insurance Claim

  1. First point of call is to ring the 24hr home Assistance number
  2. If the damages can not be repaired immediately then an assessor can be arrganged to view damages
  3. In the event of a robbery it is essential to contact your insurance broker and to make a police report


24 Home Assitance for water damages and robbery

The most common claim are water damages. A leak will require you to turn off the water at the mains and to call the home assistance number on your policy. A plumber will then come to your property to fix the problem. If it is a major flood then they will be at your property usually within 3 hrs. If not urgent then an appointment can be arranged when is convenient for you. 

A robbery will also usually require home assistance to come a fix any locks or windows which were broken when the burgulars entered the property. 

Other times assitance can be called is for electricity issues such as a power surge that damages the protection of the home such as the garage door. 


When to arrange an Assessor 

You will have to call your insurance broker to arrange an assessor visit. An assessor will not be able to view your home on the same day, unlike home assistance, but usually the following day. 


Unknown source of water leak

If damages are not repairable easily then assessor is required. An example of a claim where an assessor is required is a water leak where you do not know the source. An assessor would have to view the damages to authorise a sonar machine to locate the source. This can be expensive if you have to pay for this machine yourself but through the home policy it is completly free after taking into account your excess on the policy. 



An assessor is required for all robberies. To view the location of entry and take details of what happended. A police report will also be required. 

On many occasions you only notice after a few days items which were stolen that you did not mention in the police report. Do not worry thou, since you can always add these to the police report. It is in most cases easier to go in person to make the report at the police station. During covid this was not possible and there is a phone number that you are able to call to start the process and gain a reference number to at least start the process. 


Other times an assessor is required

Water, electricity claims and Robberies are the usual type of claims when an assessor is needed. Other types of claims when they will be required are fire claims and damage to the building. These types of claims are usually more serious and the time frame to finalise these claims will depend on the level of damage. 

how to make a home insurance claim

What is the time scale for repair

As mentioned above water leaks will be quick repairs. Where as fire or damage to the building may take longer to solve. For example a major fire in the home could take well over a month until repairs are agreed and carried out.


How to make a Home Insurance claim if I do not agree with assessor report

On many occasions the compensation that will be reported by the assessor will be lower than you are prepared to accept. When this happens it is essential that you have an independant insurance broker to work on your behalf to negociate with insurance company. 


If you do not agree after extensive negociation with the insurer on the compensation of a claim, the last resort is the ombudsman. However, this is a very long process and involves costs such as contracting an independant assessor which will be out of your pocket. Your insurance broker will be able to advise in these cases and give as much help as possible.



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