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Motorbike Rules In Spain

January 9, 2023


Motorbike Rules in Spain and licenses A1 A2 and A

Motorbike Rules in Spain

(A1, A2 and A licenses)

There have been many changes to the motorbike and motorcycle rules in Spain over the last few years, such as the introduction of the A1 and A2 rules.

Important note: A driver who has obtained a car driving license (B license in Europe) can drive any bike or scooter up to 125cc. They do not have to obtain an A1 license.

The A1 rules are:

A young driver for a motorcycle (scooter) up to 50cc must be 15 years of age. They must carry out a theory exam and then take a practical exam on a closed circuit, which takes 2mins.

Closed circuit

The closed circuit tests balance by going through two lines (must not touch lines). It also tests maneuvering skills by going through 5 cones (must not touch cones or lines either side of the cones).

The A2 rules are:

The driver must be 18 years and have experience of 2 years of an A1 or B license. The driver, on completion of this test, can drive any motor cycle up to 500cc.
They must carry out a:

  1. Theory exam
  2. Closed circuit course (10mins)
  3. Exam along roads in city (30 mins)

Closed circuit course:

This circuit is very demanding. More often than not the driver will need at least 4 hours of practice.

    • Like the A1 exam, your balance will be tested by going through the lines and maneuvering skills, tested by slaloming through cones not touching lines either side.

    • Then you accelerate into second gear and stop at a designated spot, making sure not to cross a certain white line marked on floor.

    • Then the driver will have to do a speed test. This is where a lot of people lose their nerve.

    • The driver must drive up to 2nd gear and then go through 5 cones at which point they must turn the bike in the opposite direction and speed up to the beginning of the circuit by going through two sets of cones (must only brake at the second set of cones).

    • The driver must then stop at a designated spot without going over the white line marked on floor

The A license rules are:

You must have had the A2 license for 2 years.

– A course on a closed circuit is given for 6 hours approx

– The exam consists of driving behind the instructor for 3 hours over different types of roads.

Once you have passed the A license test then you can drive unlimited power of motorbike.

There are certain rules that are applied for drivers to obtain insurance:

    • There is no overall acceptance for every application.  Each insurance proposal for those under the age of 25 is individually assessed on its own merits.

    • The insurance company may, at its discretion impose certain restrictions on a policy.  These can include restricting the number of passengers the driver is permitted to carry.

What type of Insurance is required for New Riders

The obligatory insurance for new riders is third party cover. This covers other vehicles and any damage that my be caused. 

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