Benefits using broker spain

Benefits of using a Insurance broker in Spain

What are the benefits of using a Insurance broker in Spain?

In regards to dealing directly with insurers, I have listed reasons why this may not necessarily be the best method

1. Major Benefit is Broker deals direct with the consorcio (natural disasters claims)

– The consorcio is a government organization in Spain that covers natural claims such as major flooding and burst river banks etc. This will affect your vehicle and home. Every Motor and Home insurance policy pays a small percentage into the consorcio fund.
In the event of a flood claim where cars and homes are affected, the claim will go through the consorcio. Having a Broker working on your behalf means the process of making the claim to the government organisation is much smoother.

2. Dealing direct with Companies give less service than broker

– Companies tend to treat clients as numbers in order to get claims solved quickly and may say accidents are “Knock for Knock”. Therefore no party is to blame and since you have had a claim, your no claims bonus is affected. Unlike working with a Broker who will fight your corner and make sure your no claims is not affected if the accident is not your fault.

– When dealing with online companies directly they charge a substantial amount for “no claims protection” on policies. Whereas when using a broker, the policy can include this as standard with no fee added. ‘No claims’ protection is important since if you have one motor accident your no claims bonus is protected, your premium will remain the same the following year.

3. Improved claims service

– Claims service when you do not have Broker in general is not efficient since there is never one contact to organise a claim etc. When using a Broker you will always be kept up to date on the claims status.

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