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Why delay canceling health cover

Heading back to UK due to Brexit- Reason to delay cancelling Health Policy

Spain now has 1 million British residents, many of which are looking to move back to UK due to Brexit.
The British Consul have confirmed that it may take 4 months to be entitled to medical care once back in the UK.

For this reason we are recommending that if you are moving back to the UK, your Spanish Private Medical
Insurance should not be canceled straight away. If an emergency should happen while you are waiting to be
accepted back into the British system you will need to be covered.

Takes time to register in UK system:

The habitual Residence Test HRT in the UK will carry out tests to see if you are entitled to become
a resident of the UK on your return. These tests are routine. An example of one test would be to
provide a bill with your address on. This is why it can take up to 4 months for
your details to be updated on the NHS system.

Adjusting period and possible return to Spain

Lastly many residents have got used to the sunny weather all year round. Moving back to the UK will
be a bit of a shock to the system! Having not cancelled your Spanish health cover will mean the option
of a quick return to Spain is open.

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